NEW band confirmed!

Hællæ Garasjefolks! We are proud to announce that it’s confirmed: CREST OF DARKNESS will play at the Garasjefestival next june! After last summer accident Rebo had to go through surgery, but he’s completely recovered now, and ready to paint our festival a darker shade of black! Some info about COD: Ingars’ brainchild Crest Of Darkness was conceived in the mid-nineties when his former band Conception was still at its peak. As opposed to Conception, the idea behind C.o.D. was unquestionable a product of Ingars’ passion for sheer sonic brutality and devotion to the satanic ideology according to Anton LaVeys’ Church Of Satan and the Satanic Bible. The contents of C.o.D.’s lyrics clearly reflect Ingars’ beliefs as well as his deep admiration for vampirism. WATCH OUR PROMO VIDEO! Garasjefestival promo COD – LITEN – SD 480p

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