Hællæ Garasjefolks!   It’s time to fire up our line up with a new, exciting band! Their name is MOGH, they summoned in India for the first time in 2006, making music in a trance, modernist and conceptual style, where ancient values meet the cybernetic war. MOGH move between oriental rituals, Sumerian occultism and enochian magic, which originated in Babylon, summoning dark energies helped by black metal chants. Lord Faustoos ran three different music projects, before being forced to leave Iran, his country, and move to India, where he started MOGH together with guitar player Kafir and keyboardist/programmer Al Masih Al Dajjal and played many shows before moving to Germany. We are very excited to have them as a guest this summer, and we believe that their show will be one of a kind! ▶️ WEB: www.metal-archives.com/bands/Mogh ▶️ FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Mogh666/ ▶️ VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/user7748120 🔥 GET YOUR TICKET HERE: https://tikkio.com/tickets/6577-garasjefestival-2019 🔥


We are proud to announce that ABYSSIC is going to play a gig at our Garasjefestival! Abyssic is a norwegian band which mixes funeral doom, black metal and progressive rock from the 70ies with a unique orchestral result wichi we are sure will blow our audience away! With members of Susperia, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia they are going to unveil their latetst album february 22nd, and that’s something we sure look forward to!

Winners of the first GAR’s Music Film Festival are announced!

The 2019 edition of the GAR’s Music Film Festival is now over and we’re very satisfied. There were a good audience answer and we are noe ready to announce the two winners which will be scfreened at the festival. The audience award went to the music documentary “Angie Haze” by Todd Volkmer. A very strong history about a woman who rises from his hard childhood to play beautiful music and help others come over their difficulties. The jury award went to the short movie “In my land” by the film student Julia Polkowska. We are very excited to screen these movies at our Garasjefestival in June, and we welcome filmmakers to come and visit us during the festival.

Everything ready for Gar’s Music Film Festival

Hællæ Garasjefolks! Today we’re going to start our own music film festival, and we’ve very excited! We received movies from all around the world, and we finally chose the 6 which are going to be screened today and tomorrow. The two winners will have the chance to screen their movie at the Garasjefestival in 2019, and live free at our site for the duration of the festival, how cool is that? So, if you are close Raufoss just jump at the Fyrverkeriet Kulturhus: the entry is for free!

New band announced!

Hællæ Garasjefolks! SOUNDTRACK: WYRUZ
(ENG) So we let technology choose the lucky winner, and Espen was the chosen one! Respect my man, you’ll get your tickets in the email 🤘
Many had the right answer, though: infact VEISLAKT is the band who going to rock our stage next June!
They are angry and they call themselves “Jærcore”, some kind of hardcore/punk who’s typical for Norway. They started in 2013 and they’ve been publicing one new album nearly each year after that.
“Hommersand” came in 2014, “Lithium og aent smågodt” in 2015 and “Fumar Mata” in 2016. They published their last work in september 2018, named “Sandnes Undergrunn Circus & Kabaret”, an experimental concept album with a little more metal than previously.
We sure are excited to let them climb our scene!
▶️ BUY TICKETS: https://tikkio.com/tickets/6577-garasjefestival-2019
▶️ NRK P3 Urørt: http://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/veislakt ▶️ ROGALYD: http://rogalyd.no/artist/veislakt ▶️ SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37NE85iRXbdyqykET2DJGZ
(NO) Så teknologien valgt vår vinner, og det ble Espen som stakk av med to stk festivalpass! Heldiggris!
Det var mange som gjettet riktig, det er VEISLAKT som skal legges til plakaten for Garasjefestival 2019 og skal rokke scena vår!
Veislakt er et energisk og hardtslående Jærcore-band som spiller en hybrid av punk og hardrock på jærsk, med en forkjærlighet for dobbelpedal.Det startet opp som et enmannsprosjekt av vokalist og gitarist René Undem i 2013, og slapp ut sin første EP i mars 2014, med navnet «Hommersand EP».
Debutalbumet “Litium Og Aent Smågodt” kom ut i 2015. Oppfølgeren «Fumar Mata» kom året etter. Høsten 2018 slapp Veislakt sin tredje fullengder “Sandnes Undergrunn Circus & Kabaret.”. Dette var et konseptalbum ispedd mer metal enn tidligere utgivelser, og mer eksperimentelt. Dette året fikk de også ny hoved-vokalist i Kenneth Mydland fra Sokndal , da René Undem ville fokusere mer på instrumentet.
Vi gleder oss virkelig til å oppleve dem live!
▶️ BILLETTER: https://tikkio.com/tickets/6577-garasjefestival-2019
▶️ NRK P3 Urørt: http://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/veislakt ▶️ ROGALYD: http://rogalyd.no/artist/veislakt ▶️ SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37NE85iRXbdyqykET2DJGZ
Abbiamo lasciato alla tecnologia l’onere e l’onore di scegliere il fortunello che si è portato a casa due biglietti per il Garasjefestival 2019, ed il vincitore è stato Espen.
In molti avevano indovinato: la prossima band ad essere annubnciata sono i VEISLAKT
Arrabbiati e “Jærcore”, una specie di hardcore/punk in dialetto tipico di Jæren. Sono molto prolifici, ed hanno pubblicato quasi un album all’anno, dal 2013, anno in cui si sono formati.
“Hommersand” nel 2014, “Lithium og aent smågodt” nel 2015 e “Fumar Mata” nel 2016. Il loro nuovo album è uscito a Settembre 2018, si chiama “Sandnes Undergrunn Circus & Kabaret” ed è un concept sperimentale, dove i nostri aprono le porte all’heavy metal.
Non vediamo l’ora di vederli calcare le nostre scene!
▶️ BIGLIETTI: https://tikkio.com/tickets/6577-garasjefestival-2019
▶️ NRK P3 Urørt: http://urort.p3.no/#!/Band/veislakt ▶️ ROGALYD: http://rogalyd.no/artist/veislakt ▶️ SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/37NE85iRXbdyqykET2DJGZ