NEW band confirmed!

Hællæ Garasjefolks! We are proud to announce that it’s confirmed: CREST OF DARKNESS will play at the Garasjefestival next june! After last summer accident Rebo had to go through surgery, but he’s completely recovered now, and ready to paint our festival a darker shade of black! Some info about COD: Ingars’ brainchild Crest Of Darkness was conceived in the mid-nineties when his former band Conception was still at its peak. As opposed to Conception, the idea behind C.o.D. was unquestionable a product of Ingars’ passion for sheer sonic brutality and devotion to the satanic ideology according to Anton LaVeys’ Church Of Satan and the Satanic Bible. The contents of C.o.D.’s lyrics clearly reflect Ingars’ beliefs as well as his deep admiration for vampirism. WATCH OUR PROMO VIDEO! Garasjefestival promo COD – LITEN – SD 480p
Hællæ Garasjefolks!   It’s time to fire up our line up with a new, exciting band! Their name is MOGH, they summoned in India for the first time in 2006, making music in a trance, modernist and conceptual style, where ancient values meet the cybernetic war. MOGH move between oriental rituals, Sumerian occultism and enochian magic, which originated in Babylon, summoning dark energies helped by black metal chants. Lord Faustoos ran three different music projects, before being forced to leave Iran, his country, and move to India, where he started MOGH together with guitar player Kafir and keyboardist/programmer Al Masih Al Dajjal and played many shows before moving to Germany. We are very excited to have them as a guest this summer, and we believe that their show will be one of a kind! ▶️ WEB: ▶️ FACEBOOK: ▶️ VIMEO: 🔥 GET YOUR TICKET HERE: 🔥


We are proud to announce that ABYSSIC is going to play a gig at our Garasjefestival! Abyssic is a norwegian band which mixes funeral doom, black metal and progressive rock from the 70ies with a unique orchestral result wichi we are sure will blow our audience away! With members of Susperia, Dimmu Borgir, Sirenia they are going to unveil their latetst album february 22nd, and that’s something we sure look forward to!

Winners of the first GAR’s Music Film Festival are announced!

The 2019 edition of the GAR’s Music Film Festival is now over and we’re very satisfied. There were a good audience answer and we are noe ready to announce the two winners which will be scfreened at the festival. The audience award went to the music documentary “Angie Haze” by Todd Volkmer. A very strong history about a woman who rises from his hard childhood to play beautiful music and help others come over their difficulties. The jury award went to the short movie “In my land” by the film student Julia Polkowska. We are very excited to screen these movies at our Garasjefestival in June, and we welcome filmmakers to come and visit us during the festival.