NEW band confirmed!

Apr 08
Hællæ Garasjefolks! We are proud to announce that it's confirmed: CREST OF DARKNESS will play at the Garasjefestival next june! After last summer accident Rebo had to go through surgery, but he's completely recovered now, and ready to paint ourREAD MORE

Tenebris Army – Youngest band playing at the Garasjefestival!

Mar 26
Hællæ Garasjefolks! Let's give Tenebris ARMY a hot welcome in our bill, people! It's beginning to look good, isn't it?READ MORE

Feb 20
Hællæ Garasjefolks!   It’s time to fire up our line up with a new, exciting band! Their name is MOGH, they summoned in India for the first time in 2006, making music in a trance, modernist and conceptual style, whereREAD MORE


Feb 01
We are proud to announce that ABYSSIC is going to play a gig at our Garasjefestival! Abyssic is a norwegian band which mixes funeral doom, black metal and progressive rock from the 70ies with a unique orchestral result wichi weREAD MORE

Winners of the first GAR’s Music Film Festival are announced!

Gen 28
The 2019 edition of the GAR's Music Film Festival is now over and we're very satisfied. There were a good audience answer and we are noe ready to announce the two winners which will be scfreened at the festival. TheREAD MORE