en film av Legrand McMullen

(23 min)

25. Januar kl. 20:00
26. Januar kl. 14:00 og kl. 20:00 

Et grunge/hard rock band har 12 timer til å lage og mixe en sang for en konkurranse hvor de kan vinne 10000 pund. ALt starter med godt humør og latter, men det skal snart utvikle seg i kaos.

A grungy, hard rock band has 12 hours to record, mix and deliver their best tune to a songwriting competition and a chance to win the $10,000 Grand Prize! Their studio recording session begins with good vibes and high-fives, but soon devolves into chaotic, drug-addled mayhem as egos explode and the deadline looms.

ABOUT THE DIRECTOR Daniel Wyland is a Romanian born actor, director, cinematographer and screen writer. He has resided in the United States since 2001. He has been around movies from an early age thanks to his father who was working in the movie distribution industry, giving Daniel unlimited access to movies. His creative nature led him to explore and learn visual arts in his early age and later, into the art of movie making specifically. Daniel found easy access into this medium through acting. Within a few years, he had the chance to work with known actors such as Bill Moseley, Clint Howard or Lisa Wilcox, wining awards as an actor, director and cinematographer at film festivals around the world. Growing up in Romania, exposed to Eastern European dramatic literature and learning American filmmaking skills, contributed to defining his storytelling style. As an actor, director or cinematographer he approaches projects fully committed to achieve the highest quality work.